Seekircher Steel Window Repair Corp.

Seekircher Steel Window Repair Corporation has been repairing and restoring steel casement windows and steel doors since 1977. At present we have worked in 14 states. We adjust and service each operable window sash to open, close, and lock properly by realigning each window sash to fit properly in the window frame. We replace steel by cutting out deteriorated steel sections and supplying and welding in new ones. Air-conditioner units mounted in the steel window can be removed and matching steel welded in place, bringing the window back to its original site lines.

We repair approximately 8,000 windows annually, in place at the site. By repairing the original window, the owner not only saves a great deal of money, but the architectural integrity of the building remains intact, as well. Seekircher Steel Window Repair has been collecting old windows, doors, and hardware for over 20 years to recycle these materials back in use as often as needed. We are approved by the National Park Services and Georgia Tech Institute to work on any national historic building.

Times have changed from the rip-and-replace mentality to the preserve-and-restore practice. In many cases we supply vintage windows for additions being built to expand the living space and needs of older historic homes.


Seekircher Steel Window Repair Corp.
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